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Go-to M&E Resources

When I design an M&E framework or put together M&E tools – I really like to share key documents with my client to give a background briefing and ensure we are on the same page. In addition, having a cache of key documents handy is helpful to access templates, find standardized indicators, or check technical details such as sampling methodologies. I have included my favourite go-to resources below.

Thank you very much to Shubh Sharma at Dasra, fellow consultant Suzanne Penfold Taylor and Manmohan Ram from IIHS for helping me compile this list.

Before I start working with a client on M&E related tasks, if this is a new area to them - I often ask them to do this quick online course. This ensure we all speak a common language at the outset – making working together more efficient and productive.

M&E fundamentals courses are available at both of these links below (basically the same). I have included both links for the ancillary resources: there are other M&E online courses that are worth checking out on both pages:

MEASURE Evaluation

Global Health E-Learning Site

Better Evaluation

I found this only recently, butthink its an excellent resource. It includes more qualitative tools to ensure that M&E includes reflection and organizational learning – not just a pre and post test and some monitoring data along the way.

K4H Toolkit – Measuring Success

K4H put together this online toolkit, that provides resources and guidance for different components of the M&E process.

Routine health information systems

RHINOnet: An important data source in any M&E effort in routine health information – where available and of suitable quality. It’s so much more effective to use available data, rather than collect data again. I think this is frequently not accounted for in M&E planning. This website has a lot of different resources around routine health information systems.

My MandE

This is a UN led site. The site itself is not well designed, but it still has good resources designed according to need (like the K4H site – see here). It has a strong emphasis on equity and inclusiveness (see here) – which I think is a very important factor in evaluation (who are you reaching? Who are you not reaching?) – and too often overlooked or poorly conceptualized..

Please let me know if you have any other go-to M&E resources!

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