How to Be a Consultant

For me, it’s always makes me feel really old when people look to me for guidance. Nevertheless, most  enquiries I get from my website and LinkedIn (if not spam) are from college students or young professionals who want to consult, and are writing to me for advice. When I meet clients, often someone in the […]

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Review of Winners Take All by Anand Giridharadas   While public health is a discipline unto itself, more than that it convenes people from different disciplines to address public health problems. Embracing different sectors and approaches Is part of the logic of public health. “Winners Take All” reminds us that in some cases, we should […]

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Respectful Care and Respectful Workplaces

There is increasing credence given to “respectful care” in India right now, especially in the field of maternal health. Treating patients with respect, honoring privacy and confidentiality, are key components of effective care, but they’ve long being considered an exotic and optional “add-on”.   The link that I see missing is respectful treatment of health […]

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The Future of Contraception…

The Male Contraceptive Initiative   Imagining a future where there is better partner dialogue about reproductive health   A friend of mine has recently taken on the role of heading the Male Contraceptive Initiative. It took a while before the revolutionary potential of what she was doing sunk in…   Managing fertility is so much […]

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A Big Fat Indian Success Story: The Midday Meal Scheme

Although marked by recent controversy, the mid-day meal scheme is one of India’s big success stories. Maybe we forget this, because we don’t hear enough about how great it is – especially in Karnataka.   Akshay Patra –one of the main vendors for the scheme in Karnataka – has come under fire for providing bland […]

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Best Books 2018

This is the fifth year of my “Best Books” list – but it’s the first time I’m putting it up on my blog. Now it has become an indispensable way for me to take stock of what I was up to over the past year – as well as share the best of my year […]

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If Hospitals No Longer Make Sense, India is Ahead of the Game

Keeping Community-Based Care a Priority In the field of maternal health there has been a big shift towards increasing access to tertiary care. This was important as the majority of maternal deaths were due to causes that could only be dealt with by specialists. But, increasing access to hospital-based care can seem like a fraught […]

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Can India Solve America’s Health Care Crisis? (For Real!)

Taking India’s Health Care Successes to America: A Review of Reverse Innovation in Health Care by Vijay Govindarajan and Ravi Ramamurti   The US has always marketed itself as the country that has all the answers, although these days that idea is harder to sell. The US health care system, however, has been in crisis for […]

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Why you Should Never Call “the Expert”

You are safer in the hands of an inexperienced doctor… You may have seen an article that came out a couple of years ago in the Journal of the American Medical Association about how mortalities among heart patients reduced during national cardiology conferences – when all the senior-most doctors were away (if you didn’t you […]

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We are Immune to Numbers: The Importance of Story Telling

Public health is a very data-driven field. And yet, in India, the numbers are so huge and so startling that we quickly become desensitized to them. We have a population of 1.3 billion people, with 35.7% children underweight (NFHS 2015-6). Once you have accepted this reality, the numbers will no longer move you. Apparently, this […]

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