Delhi’s “Mohalla clinic” model replicated in Bengaluru

There is a new free primary health care clinic open in Shantinagar, Bengaluru, along the lines of the Delhi “Mohalla clinic” model. I’ve heard a lot about this model so after reading about it in the paper, went along to have a look.   High quality patient-centred primary care is essential to achieving universal health […]

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Find the logic of the thing, then the reality of it

Focus has been hard to maintain during pandemic times – with no travel, small people at home and working from home – “at home” being the constant.   So, I started drawing classes with artist Smruthi Garg to sharpen my observation skills (we are all meant to spend 5 hours a week learning a new […]

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We’ve All Just Had A Crash Course on Pandemics

I’ve gathered up all the best books on epidemics so we’re clear on what’s going on here… All the work I do in public health is to create a stronger and more responsive health system. But I had no idea what a pandemic would look like, or what it would mean for health workers. But, […]

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The Brave New World of Key Informant Interviews on Zoom

We’re all learning to do things differently under lockdown. One key thing has been doing key informant interviews over zoom. I have always found working via phone and skype a bit challenging in India – because there is a premium (rightly) placed on face to face communication and relationship building.   But lockdown has revealed […]

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10 tips for working from home amid COVID-19

Corona virus means many people are now working from home. I already do that! As explained earlier, I have this consulting thing all sorted. But, it’s not easy and it took me a while to establish a good routine. Here are my top tips for making it work.   Combatting loneliness and social media Working […]

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How to Be a Consultant

For me, it’s always makes me feel really old when people look to me for guidance. Nevertheless, most  enquiries I get from my website and LinkedIn (if not spam) are from college students or young professionals who want to consult, and are writing to me for advice. When I meet clients, often someone in the […]

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The Market and the Social Sector

Review of Winners Take All by Anand Giridharadas   While public health is a discipline unto itself, more than that it convenes people from different disciplines to address public health problems. Embracing different sectors and approaches Is part of the logic of public health. “Winners Take All” reminds us that in some cases, we should […]

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Respectful Care and Respectful Workplaces

There is increasing credence given to “respectful care” in India right now, especially in the field of maternal health. Treating patients with respect, honoring privacy and confidentiality, are key components of effective care, but they’ve long being considered an exotic and optional “add-on”.   The link that I see missing is respectful treatment of health […]

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The Future of Contraception…

The Male Contraceptive Initiative   Imagining a future where there is better partner dialogue about reproductive health   A friend of mine has recently taken on the role of heading the Male Contraceptive Initiative. It took a while before the revolutionary potential of what she was doing sunk in…   Managing fertility is so much […]

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A Big Fat Indian Success Story: The Midday Meal Scheme

Although marked by recent controversy, the mid-day meal scheme is one of India’s big success stories. Maybe we forget this, because we don’t hear enough about how great it is – especially in Karnataka.   Akshay Patra –one of the main vendors for the scheme in Karnataka – has come under fire for providing bland […]

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