Sukeshma project

Anna is a detailed oriented person with sound conceptual understanding and strong monitoring and evaluation skills. I had an opportunity to work with her in the Sukeshma project where she is leading the knowledge management and scale up of innovations work in the project. She demonstrated her knowledge management expertise by creating a concise, focused and easy to understand strategy document for the project. During the later phase of the project, she led the efforts to develop common understanding among the team members about the knowledge management and scale up work. She played an instrumental role in developing implementation and monitoring blueprint (that included process docuementation) for the scale up work of the project. Anna has excellent analytical and writing skills. She is supporting the Vistaar Project of IntraHealth in its data analysis and documentation efforts. She is both a leader and a team player who is always willing to learn and contribute to the growth of the team and the organisation.

Manish Kumar Technical Advisor- Human Resources for Health & Knowledge Management, Intrahealth International July 4, 2012

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