“Nav Aayaam” toolkit for ICDS, GoMP under the ICDS Mission

Ms. Anna Schurmann has developed an Innovation toolkit titled “Nav Aayaam” for ICDS, GoMP under the ICDS Mission. We were very happy with Anna’s professional and friendly approach, and the final product. The toolkit in the form of a Manual is designed as per the programmatic requirement of the ICDS Mission and in consultation with department officials, the Core Group for Innovation and various NGOs as well. The toolkit draws from Anna’s study and observations of key Innovations within the ICDS. Designed as a reference manual, the toolkit can be applied at different levels from the State to the Anganwadi Centres. It also incorporates components of Intervention Design, Intervention Planning, Stakeholder Engagement, Monitoring and Evaluation.”

Nisha Jain IEC Manager, ICDS Program, MP February 9, 2016

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