Anna worked with the IntraHealth International India office to help us document our experience in digital health and also support us to develop concepts for new projects. Her products were prime-time ready. This was a result of her becoming an integral part of the team to understand their expectations, experiences, and ideas. Anna is patient and receptive to ideas and feedback, goes out of her way to ensure that she gets all required details from the team even if it means multiple phones calls to the field team  She engages the team in a constructive debate to bring out the best in them. She always keeps her time commitments and will never let you down.

She ideates with you freely and brings her vast experience in public health to the conversation to develop content and design to suit the audience needs. She has the best interest of the people that we wish to serve at heart.

If don’t have the time or the funds to hire a staff person and yet need a person on the team go for her. She will represent you well, serve your interest, make connections to further your work and best of all bring the wealth of experience that you possibly can’t imagine a single staff member to have. It is a pleasure to work with her and look forward to working with her in future. 

Meenakshi Jain Country Director, India. IntraHealth International December 2, 2018

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