As a technical advisor of Conseil Santé, the French implementing partner of the  ADB financed Urban Health Project in India I had the pleasure to work with Anna in 2016/17.

Anna’s role as the capacity building expert evolved in terms of: ensuring the efficient insertion of the team in the urban networking (participation, presentation, facilitation of UH state and national workshops; facilitating and structuring the process of the UH training programmes in the different states, and supporting the UH think tank at the central level in finalising different training modules

During our collaboration, Anna has always given high-quality technical input. She succeeded to bridge the different communication habits of the multicultural team. Moreover, her knowledge of local and national institutions, NGOs, thematic mainstreams and socio-political constraints fruitfully contributed to the project implementation.

Missing Anna’s open style of dialoguing, flexibility and idealistic investment, wishing the very best for her future.

Ulrike Hoekstra, Conseil Sante April 11, 2018

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