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Frameworks to Assess Health Information Systems

This blog post was written with support and inputs from Nehal Jain and Vunnava Rao who have extensive experience deploying PRISM and Routine DQA respectively. **Updated to include the HRIS assessment toolkit (see below)   According to the WHO, health information is one of the key building blocks of a health system. Getting routine health […]

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Social networks: a tool to promote best practices

  Previously I have written about the power of social networks to affect health status – and the importance of factoring that in to any bchaviour change effort.     But of course, social networks don’t just affect health status, they affect everything – your career, your choice of life partner, where you live…actually everything. […]

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The Best Innovation Toolkits

Post updated in December 2015 to include Business Model Generator (see below) For my current assignment, we have been tasked to create an innovation toolkit for the district level in the hope that; fostering innovation within government programs will find solutions to intractable problems; increase health worker engagement and motivation; help adapt national guidelines to […]

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Innovations in Monitoring: Biometrics

Who is who? Robust personal identification is an important part of service provision and patient tracking across the continuum of care. This is especially important in chronic care (such as TB or HIV) where drug adherence is necessary for successful treatment outcomes and curbing transmission. In the case of TB, tracking drug adherence is essential […]

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Making Maps

I have always loved sitting with an atlas on my lap, tracing my finger across different maps and plotting my next journey; by camel across the silk route; by train to Darjeeling; or by ship across the Pacific.   Less fancifullly, I am also intrigued by the different applications of geographic mapping to public health. […]

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Monitoring Scale Up

A Review of the Guide to Monitoring Scale Up of Health Practices and Interventions by Bridgit Adamou   A friend and former colleague of mine at MEASURE Evaluation has put together an excellent resource of M&E of scale up efforts. This fills a huge gap in the currently available resources on scale up, and addresses […]

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Best resources on scale up, replication and institutionalization….

**Updated in 2017, including a new resource on scaling up social enterprises, see below.   When we look at current inequities in access to essential health services, scale up, and targeting of existing programs to those most in need, becomes imperative. Recognizing the urgency, national government and international agencies have committed to scaling up successful […]

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