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Epic Measures

A book about the measurement of Disability Adjusted Life-Years (DALY) and the Global Burden of Disease   Calculating the global burden of disease – a measure of what ails and kills whom, everywhere, is no small feat. Epic Measures is the story of Chris Murray and colleagues developed the DALY and measured the global burden […]

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Frameworks to Assess Health Information Systems

This blog post was written with support and inputs from Nehal Jain and Vunnava Rao who have extensive experience deploying PRISM and Routine DQA respectively. **Updated to include the HRIS assessment toolkit (see below)   According to the WHO, health information is one of the key building blocks of a health system. Getting routine health […]

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Health system change starts with good leadership

This post was originally published in Business World on the 26th January 2015. To see the original article, click here.   India needs leadership in public health now more than ever. Poor distribution and low numbers of health workers, low public spending, an unregulated private sector and poor inter-sectoral coordination all cripple the health system, […]

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Being Mortal

This week I went along the Bangalore launch of Atul Gawande’s book Being Mortal. This is a book about the time towards the end of our life. Historically, and in most societies still, people live their last days at home, and eventually die at home. One likes to think this occurs with them surrounded by […]

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Building Local Research Capacity: Key to Achieving Universal Health Coverage

The example of the KLE University’s success as a member of the Global Network for Women’s and Children’s Health  This blog post is by guest blogger, friend and colleague…Nora Kropp As a midwife who later went into the field of public health research, I distinctly remember my first days at my ‘research job’. There were […]

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India’s health care ‘crisis’?

Sen and Dreze highlight all that is bad with the state of health in India – as well as some promising success stories   I read all the reviews and articles accompanying the release of Sen & Dreze’s Uncertain Glory with interest – I was specifically curious to know if we would learn anything new […]

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Innovations in Monitoring: Biometrics

Who is who? Robust personal identification is an important part of service provision and patient tracking across the continuum of care. This is especially important in chronic care (such as TB or HIV) where drug adherence is necessary for successful treatment outcomes and curbing transmission. In the case of TB, tracking drug adherence is essential […]

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Launch of the Nursing Portal – Feb, 2013

FHI 360 under project SNEH organized a workshop to launch the a new online Nursing Portal in February 2013 at the Park Hotel in New Delhi. I supported the organization and content development of the workshop.

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