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Epic Measures

A book about the measurement of Disability Adjusted Life-Years (DALY) and the Global Burden of Disease   Calculating the global burden of disease – a measure of what ails and kills whom, everywhere, is no small feat. Epic Measures is the story of Chris Murray and colleagues developed the DALY and measured the global burden […]

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Health system change starts with good leadership

This post was originally published in Business World on the 26th January 2015. To see the original article, click here.   India needs leadership in public health now more than ever. Poor distribution and low numbers of health workers, low public spending, an unregulated private sector and poor inter-sectoral coordination all cripple the health system, […]

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Being Mortal

This week I went along the Bangalore launch of Atul Gawande’s book Being Mortal. This is a book about the time towards the end of our life. Historically, and in most societies still, people live their last days at home, and eventually die at home. One likes to think this occurs with them surrounded by […]

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Reimagining Public Health Education

What is the value of the “global” in “global health”?   “Global health is an attitude. It is a way of looking at the world. It is about the universal nature of our human predicament. It is a statement about our commitment to health as a fundamental quality of liberty and equity” Richard Horton   […]

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India’s health care ‘crisis’?

Sen and Dreze highlight all that is bad with the state of health in India – as well as some promising success stories   I read all the reviews and articles accompanying the release of Sen & Dreze’s Uncertain Glory with interest – I was specifically curious to know if we would learn anything new […]

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Daniel Pink’s “To Sell is Human”: Applications for public health – advocacy, technical assistance & behaviour change

Revisiting all my favourite books for my earlier blog post on “most inspiring public health books” brought me to Pink’s To Sell is Human published this year. Like his earlier work, Drive, To Sell is Human has clear applications for public health, especially for those working in technical assistance, behavior change and advocacy.   With […]

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The Fun and Games of Social Networks. A Review of Connected: The Amazing Power of Social Networks and How they Shape Our Lives

Christakis and Fowler have written a book (actually, a while ago, it was published in 2010) compiling available research on the power of social networks. I started reading this book a few weeks ago and have become completely evangelical about it ever since. It’s tone is excitable, and the enthusiasm is contagious. A few times […]

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Decisive: The new book from the Heath brothers; How does it apply to using data for policy and program decision-making?

The book Decisive was recently recommended to me by public health colleague and fellow UNC HBHE alum Tom Davis. The book provides an overview of the scientific literature around decision making to explain “how to make better choices in life and work”. It is an easy read; I read it over a busy weekend. It […]

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Most inspiring public health books…

I always love the Christmas and New Year season, when all the “best books of the year” lists come out in all the newspapers. So I thought, why can’t it be Christmas in March! There are a number of books that have really refreshed my commitment to public health and international development, like getting a […]

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