Why isn’t the HPV vaccine on the essential drug list?

The other day I was at a function, small-talking about my current work (in cervical cancer prevention). A parent asked me “so, should I get my daughter vaccinated against HPV?”. “Of course!” I said – “unless you want her to get cervical cancer…..”   This is an easy question for parents who love their daughters. […]

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Innovations in Monitoring: Biometrics

Who is who? Robust personal identification is an important part of service provision and patient tracking across the continuum of care. This is especially important in chronic care (such as TB or HIV) where drug adherence is necessary for successful treatment outcomes and curbing transmission. In the case of TB, tracking drug adherence is essential […]

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Daniel Pink’s “To Sell is Human”: Applications for public health – advocacy, technical assistance & behaviour change

Revisiting all my favourite books for my earlier blog post on “most inspiring public health books” brought me to Pink’s To Sell is Human published this year. Like his earlier work, Drive, To Sell is Human has clear applications for public health, especially for those working in technical assistance, behavior change and advocacy.   With […]

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