We are Immune to Numbers: The Importance of Story Telling

Public health is a very data-driven field. And yet, in India, the numbers are so huge and so startling that we quickly become desensitized to them. We have a population of 1.3 billion people, with 35.7% children underweight (NFHS 2015-6). Once you have accepted this reality, the numbers will no longer move you. Apparently, this […]

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Designing for Data Use

  This blogpost is based on a talk I gave at the Evaluation Community of India’s recent “EvalFest” at the Indian Habitat Centre in February. It advocates for using “user-centred” approaches for promoting data use, including understanding-  and even creating – new influence pathways. It also highlights that different decisions have specific information needs and these should […]

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MORE THAN THIS? Getting more bang from your buck for training

How to get more bang for your buck with one-time training programs   We know that one-time training courses are seldom sufficient to build workplace knowledge and skills. People get trained and then return to their workplaces and often don’t get a chance to use the skills they learned, don’t have the confidence or authority […]

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Personal Health Apps: Making you Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Personal health apps offer the opportunity to better manage your health and the possibility of surveillance.   Personal health apps hold a lot of promise for those with chronic conditions that require constant monitoring – such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. They can help people monitor the health of elderly parents or other loved ones […]

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Building Local Research Capacity: Key to Achieving Universal Health Coverage

The example of the KLE University’s success as a member of the Global Network for Women’s and Children’s Health  This blog post is by guest blogger, friend and colleague…Nora Kropp As a midwife who later went into the field of public health research, I distinctly remember my first days at my ‘research job’. There were […]

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It’s Almost Impossible to Convince People They’re Wrong

The Havell’s coffee maker add and mHealth successes are just two examples of how it’s so much easier to introduce a new product, service or information if it ties in with the target audience’s aspirations.   The human tendency towards willful ignorance is not a new discovery. This has often been observed (in more friendly […]

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Does public health practice punish the poor?

“The quasi-religious belief in the power of the individual to overcome their own problems, embedded deeply in Anglo-American culture, and within much of psychotherapy itself, has long been used by the powerful as a justification for disciplining the poor.” Zoe Williams, in today’s Guardian. You can read the full article here.   I was trained […]

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Dallas Buyers Club & Public Health

A movie about an AIDS-riven Texan “good-old boy” who distributes unapproved drugs, is a clear Oscar contender, and a public health primer.     Not really that impressed with Matthew McConaughey’s attempts at respectability after seeing Mud and Paperboy, I had low expectations for a movie that looked like it was a cynical Oscar-vehicle. I […]

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Reimagining Public Health Education

What is the value of the “global” in “global health”?   “Global health is an attitude. It is a way of looking at the world. It is about the universal nature of our human predicament. It is a statement about our commitment to health as a fundamental quality of liberty and equity” Richard Horton   […]

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India’s health care ‘crisis’?

Sen and Dreze highlight all that is bad with the state of health in India – as well as some promising success stories   I read all the reviews and articles accompanying the release of Sen & Dreze’s Uncertain Glory with interest – I was specifically curious to know if we would learn anything new […]

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