How to Be a Consultant

For me, it’s always makes me feel really old when people look to me for guidance. Nevertheless, most  enquiries I get from my website and LinkedIn (if not spam) are from college students or young professionals who want to consult, and are writing to me for advice. When I meet clients, often someone in the […]

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Reimagining Public Health Education

What is the value of the “global” in “global health”?   “Global health is an attitude. It is a way of looking at the world. It is about the universal nature of our human predicament. It is a statement about our commitment to health as a fundamental quality of liberty and equity” Richard Horton   […]

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Building the Nursing Cadre: The Promise of M-Learning

Nurses are one of the key building blocks of the health system; and comprise roughly 30% of the health workforce.[1] Tackling any health challenge and achieving the Millennium Development Goals is impossible without nurses, and yet, like most health cadres in India they are in short supply. Despite their centrality to the health system, nurses […]

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