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DSC06395-1When I design an M&E framework or put together M&E tools – I really like to share key documents with my client to give a background briefing and ensure we are on the same page. In addition, having a cache of key documents handy is helpful to access templates, find standardized indicators, or check technical details such as sampling methodologies. I have included my favourite go-to resources below.


Thank you very much to Shubh Sharma at Dasra, fellow consultant Suzanne Penfold Taylor and Manmohan Ram from IIHS for helping me compile this list.


Preparatory Online Training

Before I start working with a client on M&E related tasks, if this is a new area to them – I often ask them to do this quick online course. This ensure we all speak a common language at the outset – making working together more efficient and productive.


M&E fundamentals courses are available at both of these links below (basically the same). I have included both links for the ancillary resources: there are other M&E online courses that are worth checking out on both pages:


MEASURE Evaluation


Global Health E-Learning Site


M&E Toolkits


Better Evaluation

I found this only recently, butthink its an excellent resource. It includes more qualitative tools to ensure that M&E includes reflection and organizational learning – not just a pre and post test and some monitoring data along the way.


K4H Toolkit – Measuring Success

K4H put together this online toolkit, that provides resources and guidance for different components of the M&E process.


Routine health information systems

RHINOnet: An important data source in any M&E effort in routine health information – where available and of suitable quality. It’s so much more effective to use available data, rather than collect data again. I think this is frequently not accounted for in M&E planning. This website has a lot of different resources around routine health information systems.


My MandE

image_previewThis is a UN led site. The site itself is not well designed, but it still has good resources designed according to need (like the K4H site – see here). It has a strong emphasis on equity and inclusiveness (see here) – which I think is a very important factor in evaluation (who are you reaching? Who are you not reaching?) – and too often overlooked or poorly conceptualized..



Please let me know if you have any other go-to M&E resources!





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    Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience. It’s adds bountiful of knowledge from your experience.


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