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What is going on is Trumpland? Getting a perspective from “Dreamland – The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic”

In Dreamland, Quinones describes the alarming and silent epidemic of opioid addiction growing across the interior of the US; spread by both pharmaceutical companies aggressively marketing Oxycontin and the distribution of black tar heroin from Mexico. This has eaten up and hollowed out already dwindling communities, increasing social isolation – affecting prosperous and poor neighbourhoods […]

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Putting the “care” back into healthcare through expanding primary care

This was originally published in the booklet for the 2016 India Health and Wellness Summit at the Taj Palace Hotel in Delhi, Decembere 15th 2016. At this event, I facilitated a panel called “Putting the Care Back into Health Care”. Photos are from the panel session.    The panel title, “Putting the care back into […]

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Innovating in Madhya Pradesh: What Works

Myself and a small team of colleagues recently compiled an innovation toolkit for the ICDS program in MP – you can see them below (Hindi and English versions). To design this, we first interviewed innovators working in the field of maternal and child health, to ask them about what challenges they faced in design, implementation […]

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What I am reading right now: “Age of Opportunity” by Laurence Steinberg

The new science of adolescent development: why it’s important for public health I have been working in the area of adolescent health recently – mostly in the context of innovations focused on life skills education (actually, sex education). I am really enjoying figuring out how to best reach these kids (you can read more about […]

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Best Monitoring and Evaluation Resources

When I design an M&E framework or put together M&E tools – I really like to share key documents with my client to give a background briefing and ensure we are on the same page. In addition, having a cache of key documents handy is helpful to access templates, find standardized indicators, or check technical […]

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Busting Silos and Oyster Pots: How to Combat Organizational Fragmentation

A Review of the Silo Effect by Gillian Tett Whatever health systems problem I am analyzing, in whatever state, country or region, all have one thing in common: they are created against a backdrop of a fragmented health system. The background section of every report I read or write seems to contain the words “in […]

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Educated Girls Rule the World

What is the best way to empower women and improve health outcomes?                                     We know that the most effective way out of poverty is to empower women. It works in all contexts; Bangladesh, Uganda, Thailand. Empowering women is a […]

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I Went to My First Hackathon (..and my team won)

Last weekend I went to my first hackathon, with little idea of what to expect. CAMTECH – a program based in the Massachussetts General Hospital – ran its third Jugaadathon in Bangalore from the 26th to the 28th June. The focus was on maternal and child health – and it brought together doctors, public health […]

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NEW RULES for documentation

One of the things that breaks my heart in public health and development is the big fat report that no one reads (not on the scale of IMR and MMR – but still). It’s a waste of time, resources and paper. It is – in short – a mistake – and it is an easily […]

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Personal Health Apps: Making you Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Personal health apps offer the opportunity to better manage your health and the possibility of surveillance.   Personal health apps hold a lot of promise for those with chronic conditions that require constant monitoring – such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. They can help people monitor the health of elderly parents or other loved ones […]

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