Anchita Patil

Odisha CRM - with women beneficiaries at VHNDResearch, data analysis and report writing

  • Formative research and baseline research on IYCF – for the Buniyaad project (AKF)
  • Developing the M&E plan, including indicators and data collection tools and methodologies – for the Buniyaad project (AKF)
  • Review the evidence on the various “models” for the delivery of continuum of care from Skilled Attendance at Birth and Essential Newborn Care – for the Vistaar Project (Intrahealth).
  • Assessment of the Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) training schools in 5 states – for WHO Country Office

Guideline and Policy Development

  • Principal consultant for developing Government of India guidelines on:
    • Antenatal Care and Skilled Attendance at Birth for ANMs and LHVs (1st edition)
    • Pregnancy Care and Management of Common Obstetric Complications by Medical Officers
    • Operationalising a Primary Health Centres for providing 24-hour delivery and Newborn Care services under RCH-II.
  • Part of the expert group panel and editor for recent maternal health guidelines on:
    • Screening for Syphilis during pregnancy
    • Maternal Near-Miss reviews
    • Engaging Surgeons for conducting C-sections and managing obstetric complications
    • Comparative analysis Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) in India with the revised WHO guidelines as the standard – for IPAS.
  • A position paper detailing the WRAI’s stand regarding the role of Traditional Birth Attendants in maternal Health care arena following the introduction of Skilled Birth Attendants – for CEDPA/WRAI

Odisha CRM - village visit with an ASHAProject related documentation

  • Writing a proposal and log-frame for funding of about £3 million to promote IYCF – for AKF (project was approved for funding by DFID)
  • Developing an advocacy plan and related materials (including project documents and reports, tool-kits etc) – for the Vistaar project (Intrahealth)
  • Developing and helping in the roll-out of an innovative strategy for improving Skilled Attendance at Birth in two districts of UP – for the Manthan project (Intrahealth)
  • Process documentation for the capacity building of the Village Health Committees – for the CLICS project (MGIMS, Wardha)